Species - heteromalla

Native of China and the Himalayas, H.heteromala forms a large shrub to small tree.  The flowers are formed into very loose heads and the sterile florets have long petioles and tend to hang down.  Due to their size and form they are best suited to the back of the border in a large garden.

heteromala ‘Krista’

Bed S: Plant 31 With scattered pure white sterile florets surrounding the fertile florets UK Plant Finder:  Last listed in 2004 Read more

heteromalla ‘Bretshneideri’

Bed B: Plant 18 A large shrub or small tree growing over 3m in height.  With peeling bark on older branches.  Flowers of the lace-cap shape with a reddish... Read more

heteromalla ‘Girdie’

Bed S: Plant 30 With flat heads of white fertile flowers surrounded by large white sterile sepals turning red with age UK Plant Finder: Not listed Read more