More Space for our new Hydrangeas

A couple of years ago, a French breeder of hydrangeas, visited Hydrangea Derby to collect some cuttings of varieties he didn’t have.  He collected his cuttings, put them in plastic bags and then a cooler for the journey home.  He then opened up the boot of his in which he had over 70 new hydrangea varieties in small pots and as plugs and indicated that they were for us.  They were far too small to go straight into the ground so we asked for volunteers to foster these plants and grow them on.  This they have done very successfully and they are now big enough to go in the garden.  The story isn’t over yet.  We had absolutely no space for these 70 plants.  We had, however, circular beds with empty space in the middle just crying out for new plants but no way for our visitors to get close to them or for us to label them.  Still with me.  We talked to the Derby Parks Volunteers and asked if they could weave a log lined path through the middle of 2 of our beds.  You’ll see plenty of other log lined paths they have put in Derby Parks.  They completed this work of craft before Easter and today we have planted out  20 of these new plants.  The photos are of the paths ready to take you to the new hydrangeas.  The plants will start flowering in July.  Make a date to come and see them.  Thank you Foster Parents, Derby Parks Volunteers and the Hydrangea Derby Volunteers.






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