October Update

The plants are showing colourful Autumn tints and some of them still worth seeing for the flowers that are displaying.  We’re getting ready to put in the nursery plants that have grown on this year.  We think, once they are filling out a 10″ pot, they are ready to face life in the garden.  There are about 50 new ones, most of which have been cared for by volunteer foster parents.  Many thanks to them.  Particularly stunning is Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Madam Truffaut’ with deep Autumn colours to the leaves and flower heads.  Beds in the outer garden are being cleared of duplicate and overgrown plants to give more space and light for new plants.  Paths will be put in the two nearest beds so you can get nearer to the ones in the middle.  But don’t worry we won’t be throwing any varieties away.  There are some new climbers to go in, some from Belgium and others from a grower in Wales.  The Crowdfund and our donation box in the café successfully raised £1000 so thank you to all who contributed.  Some of the plans for next year are:  continue to collect new paniculatas for our national collection; find Plant Guardians to keep duplicates of the collection; buy new plants of the other species; experiment with pink and blue;  brighten up the entrance; have another open day and offer private tours.  


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