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paniculata ‘White Moth’ (De Belder)
Height & Width:

Bed P: Plant 13

Can be a large shrub to about 13 feet but observed specimens in the U.S. average 6 to 7 feet. Very free-flowering, with large panicles, pure white without a trace of pink. Sepals are ovate to ovate-rounded and occur in 4s and 5s, mostly covering the fertile flowers. Flowering time July until September, earlier than ‘Brussels Lace’ and ‘Burgundy Lace’. Open loose inflorescences, dark lustrous green leaves.
Prof. Dirr notes that many selections are evaluated in a cool, continental European climate that seldom experiences high heat, day and night, or the high humidity of the U.S. Changes in climate can alter performance of any cultivar.

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