The New with the Old

Hydrangea macrophyllas normally flower all at once between July and August and then die back all together between September and October.  Some hydrangea breeders are trying to develop everlasting hydrangeas that will keep producing new flower heads on new growth throughout the current season.   The technical term in remontant.  Usually you’d have to wait until the following year to see these new flower heads.

We’ve noticed that many of our macrophyllas (not bred to be remontant) are reflowering this year.  This could be because of milder temperatures and a delayed Autumn.  Whatever the reason, we are enjoying the contrast of the old and the new and confirming our opinion that hydrangeas give good value for money.

This is Hydrangea macrophylla Rosabelle, a lacecap which was given to us in 2016 by the Jean Renault a plant breeder based in Gorron, France.

The pastel green of the sepals contrasts attractively with the antique tones of the leaves and old flower heads.


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