Walled Garden Gates Opening

The gates of the walled garden will be opened on Saturday, 18th July 2020.  On Friday, 17th July, Gardeners’ World will be re-running the piece they did on the garden back in 2018.  It will give you a flavour of what is in store in the walled garden.  We have a one way system in operation so you can social distance at the 2 gates.  One gate will be the Entrance and one will be the Exit.  Because we haven’t been able to meet up to maintain the plants, beds and paths there will be some patches that need attention.  The steps and paths are safe however, ready to welcome you to the 2020 season.  The National Collection of Hydrangea paniculata have many new varieties which will bloom this year.  We’re very proud of the fact that it is the most comprehensive collection of H paniculata in the world.  Come and have a look.  The first 2 photos are H pan Dentelle de Gorron and the third is H pan Praecox.


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