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Species & Cultivars

anomala ssp. petiolaris ‘Yakushima’ (Crug Farm Plants)
Height & Width:

A very distinct form of this very familiar aerial rooted climbing species, which we only find growing on the remoteislandofYakushimato the south of the main islands ofJapan. In essence it is a miniature as we find it growing on the floor of the alpine forests covering boulders and fallen tree trunks with a moss-like growth of tiny cordate (heart-shaped) persistent leaves of less than 1 cm, always red-purple on the undersides. If allowed to climb a sizeable tree the growth habit will be similar to the standard form by the time these tiny plants have amassed the energy to climb to that height. Left in good light the foliage increases in size a little, but flowers at less than 1m tall. From our seed collected in 2006.

Gardens found in the 28 pre 2000 surveyed: Non found

Gardens found in the 10 surveyed in 2010: WS EBG

UKPlant Finder 2012 = 1 nursery as H. anomala ‘Winter Surprise’


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