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Carnea * (c1920)
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(from a list of cultivars without a description from D M Geldern)


Carina * (H)

A new and distinct cultivar of Hydrangea macrophylla (Thunb.) named `Carina` originated as a found plant in a cultivated area planted with the cultivar `Orion`. The cultivar `Carina` has a R.H.S. 68 A (red-purple group) bi-colour pigmentation pattern on its sepals at maturity, with the pigmentation giving way to non-pigmented margins and is distinguished from other similar cultivars of which the inventor is aware by its stable sepal colour pattern, its sturdy growth habit, and small leaves. `Carina` has large showy inflorescences, having both sepalous and non-sepalous florets, with the sepalous florets hiding the non-sepalous florets.  It was first noticed, because of its relatively stronger stems and upright growth habit. Unlike its parent `Orion`, the new variety’s pigmentation pattern remains stable, it has small leaves, and a stronger, upright growth habit.

USPatent PP21666, January 25, 2011

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