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Paniculata ‘Hypmad I’ * (Dirr, Michael A. (Bogart, GA, US) 2006
Height & Width:

Syn. Queen of Pearls ?

This cultivar has full glistening white inflorescences that mature to parchment. The habit is compact, rounded with strong, stout stems that hold the flowers upright. The leathery, dark green leaves are heat, drought, insect and disease resistant. Is distinguished from its female parent ‘Pink Diamond’ by its sepals (sterile florets) that form a solid white panicle and completely cover the fertile interior flowers. The sepals emerge light green, open glistening white, and mature green to parchment, maintaining the latter color when utilized as dried flowers. The sepals never develop the pronounced pink color of ‘Pink Diamond’.  It holds its inflorescences more upright than many H. paniculata varieties, and the inflorescence is denser, more completely covered with sterile florets

United States Patent PP19082, 08/12/2008

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