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quercifolia ‘Day’s Spring’
Height & Width:

This vigorous cultivar is noted for having large, white flower panicles and excellent crimson fall colour. It originates from the south-easternUnited States, has a broad shrubby habit and is most revered for its outstanding ornamental features that light up the landscape throughout the year.  In spring, oakleaf hydrangea puts forth large oak-shaped leaves that are deep green with soft, lighter undersides. Their huge conical flower panicles appear in summer. They are comprised of small inconspicuous fertile flowers and showy four-sepaled flowers that are flattened and papery. They are greenish white or ivory, age to rose-pink hues and dry to soft tan or brown. In autumn, its showy leaves turn striking shades of crimson and bronze-purple. The dry flowers persistent into winter above branches lined with exfoliating copper-brown, cinnamon and tan bark.

Gardens Surveyed 2010: HIL

UKPlant Finder 2009: not listed


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