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quercifolia ‘Roanoke’ * (Louisiana Nurseries USA before 1997)
Height & Width:

‘Roanoke’ is similar to ‘Harmony’ but has more open, loose formed flowers. Like ‘Harmony’ the flowers have the tendency to weigh down the branches. H. quercifolia is a southeastern native that is often seen clinging to shallow soiled slopes in its natural environment. Form is deciduous and mounding. Grows to 6 foot tall and 8 feet wide. Leaves have 5-7 deep lobes that give leaves an oak-like shape. Fall color is bronze to purple and midsummer to fall flowers are creamy panicles. Sterile flowers turn pink as they age. To keep in good shape, remove any crossing or scraggly branches in winter or early spring.

UK Plant finder 2009: Not listed.


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