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Aspera subsp sargentiana
Synonyms: Hydrangea sargentiana
Origins: Hubei (Hupeh) Province, China and introduced by Ernest Wilson in 1908. Named after Charles Arnold of Arnold Arboretum, USA.
Awards: RHS Award of Merit in1912. RHS Award of Garden Merit 1992
Height & Width: 3m x 3m

Because of its size, this is not a plant that will sit neatly in a small border. It prefers dappled shade and a well drained root. It can be affected by frost in the early years. The branches and stems of the leaves and flower heads are characteristically bristly. The dark green leaves are large rounded ovals up to 20 cm across. The flower head is a mix of light mauve fertile florets and sterile florets making a rim around the edge are a whitish lilac. This species can be propagated by root suckers.


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