serrata ‘Cherry Lips’ (Grug Farm)
Height & Width:

Bed J: Plant 10

Syn. serrate ‘Chiba Cherry-lips’

Crug Farm Nursery say: One of our original seedlings (BSWJ4817) that was collected on our 1997 trip to the Chiba Peninsular on the eastern side of central Japan in 1997.  It has matured to a beautiful medium-sized deciduous lacecap very similar to the cultivar Kiyosumi and collected from the opposite side of the same mountain.  The foliage emerges bronzed maturing darker in good light, contrasting markedly with the inflorescences which are surrounded by large white red-edged serrated sterile florets, June-August. Easily grown in part shade to sun in any type of good fertile drained soil. Height 1.2m. Spread 1.5m.

UK Plant Finder: 2012 = 1 nursery

Our plant was obtained from Swines Meadow nursery in 2013

Photo to follow when our plant flowers


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