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serrata Sandiago® (Challet; Jean-Pierre, Nuaille, FR) 2011
Height & Width:

A new cultivar that is characterized by its compact, well-branched and rounded plant habit, its lace-cap flowers that are pink in color and turning red in color at the end of summer, its double sterile flowers, its prolific and reblooming flowering habit, its inflorescences that are present on auxiliary branches as well as terminal branches, its dark green foliage that turns red in autumn and resistant to sun scorch, its vigorous growth habit, and its unique combination of flowers and foliage that turn red at the end of the season.  It originated from a cross conducted in the Inventor’s breeding field in June 1998 inNuaille,Francebetween Hydrangea macrophylla subsp. serrata `Mont Aso` as the female parent and Hydrangea macrophylla subsp. serrata`Blue Wave as the male parent.

USPatent PP22070, August 9, 2011

Gardens found in the 10 surveyed in 2010: KAL, (www.pbortensie.com)

UKPlant Finder 2012: Not Listed.


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