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serrata ‘Shi no mome’
Height & Width:

From thevillageofSinraku(Shiga) (name means Eastern Dawn Cloud)

With domed lace-cap flowers with narrow, double sterile florets of pale pink or clear blue.

Heronswood nursery say: In the nursery we’ve been very pleased with the autumn tints of red in the small foliage of this summer-blossoming hydrangea. Both foliage and flower-heads are small; produces lovely heads of double sterile flowers, pink to white in the alkaline soil of our pots, and blue in the acid soil of the garden. To 4 ft

Leaves turn bright red in the autumn.

Gardens found in the 28 pre 2000 surveyed:  ESV

Gardens found in the 10 surveyed in 2010: ESV NAN

UKPlant Finder: 2012 = 4 nurseries


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