Species & Cultivars

serrata ‘Yae no amacha’
Height & Width:

With very double flowers in clusters, pink or blue or a mixture of colours, pale pink, white and yellowish tones all together.

Translation: Many layers, sweet tea.  Heronswood nursery say: One of our favorites, having received it indirectly from           Japanin 1995, with few fertile florets surrounded by extremely exquisite double sterile florets of rounded blue, fading to bluish green, with numerous smaller sepals in each center, making for exceedingly textural and astoundingly beautiful flowers.

Gardens found in the 28 pre 2000 surveyed:   MS WR

Gardens found in the 10 surveyed in 2010: ESV NAN AW

UKPlant Finder: 2012 = 5 nurseries


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