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Species & Cultivars

paniculata ‘Little Lamb’ (Debelder, Jelena, Essen, BE) 2002
Height & Width:

Syn. ‘Lammetje’ and ‘Klein Schaapje’

A distinct cultivar characterized by its upright and outwardly arching plant habit; The Flower panicles are held upright and outward on strong stems; They are compact, dense and the small sterile florets float above the fertile florets like little dancing lambs. This cultivar is a seedling of ‘Pink Diamond’.  This plant is licensed by Springfield Nurseries,Michigan. (www.sprigmeadownursery.com)

United StatesPatent PP15395

Gardens found in the 10 surveyed in 2010: ESV NAN

UKPlant Finder:  Last listed in 2008


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